Magnificent Mondays.

Whats the BEST thing about




Knowing the full week is in front of me makes me want to plow through the week with determination, with a fixed course, focused on the prize awaiting;  It’s not money, jewels, new cars or fancy clothes.


Freedom comes in all forms, for me it’s the ability to see, breath, smell, type this note to you. Not everyone has these freedoms.

The freedom to hold my husbands hand in public, and to feel sexy with him on my side. To make him proud to be with me. To help him feel like a man. Not just any man, but a good man; one in control of his family, a leader.

Freedom to go out to the park and BBQ with friends or family without fear of other nations coming to enforce their power and control in my life.

The freedom to go to the water, throw my line in and catch what is needed to eat or provide for my family.

The best thing about Monday is knowing that I’m free enough to sit here and share my heart with complete strangers, sharing my journey and encouraging you to enjoy yours too.


Mondays! Pass it on.


The Ark of the Covenant VIDEO FOOTAGE


…loving the freedom this country, and all it’s opportunities to be free.


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