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Saturday, August 23, 2014

I’ve had this idea for awhile. I’d like to see a non professional support group for TBI folks formed using the internet.
There appear to be many individual support groups built around certain people, who keep things going with their own content, and updating things through Facebook. For what it is worth, I did start a little hidden google group, for the non professional TBI support group, but there appear to be some obstacles to finding others who might also want to be part of the hidden group. So, I created a public facing page, just dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries. I am involved with a VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) study about trying to determine if having a focus group on Facebook might be beneficial for a small group of job seekers. I have a job, and I’m not looking to relocate, but it is interesting…

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3 thoughts on “Advocating for change

  1. Actually, yes, I’ve had a Traumatic Brain Injury, and there are several others who I’ve met through face book, who self identify as Traumatic brain injury survivors. There are a few websites which offer support. Linked-In also has a variety of professionals. Twitter has a number of self-identifying TBI survivors. Thank you for helping to spread the message.


  2. It continues to get better. ; presently has 1381 members, presently has 31 likes, and has 800 likes, I highly doubt the numbers are exclusive, but for a niche market, I guess it is impressive. I was recently looking at some pediatricians on Twitter, and who knows if there can be other opportunities to expand the presence, awareness, and outreach. InjuredBrains is the most recently created FB Page for advocacy. My twitter presence is small. 561 followers, 2,754 following, 8,832 tweets.

    We recently returned from a trip to a cruise to Alaska, opting to stay in Seattle for a few days afterward.


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