Character in today’s world

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I can remember a time when people were kind to one another.

Seems there was a time when people where known to be helping and building up one another.

I love it. Share.

Business requires people be more transparent, more honest, caring etc. Yet, the business world is one of wolves and thieves. When we get back to basics of helping one another instead of thinking about what we can get out of one another, our business and lives will prosper. Doing what we love to do is what makes us thrive. We were meant to thrive, enjoy life, family and love. When the basics are forgotten or overlooked in the face of financial gain, the whole reason for doing what we do becomes cloudy and we can become disillusioned, tired and frustrated. The dreams we put before us seem unreachable and our desire to follow through gets put on the back burner and we lose the vision or focus to continue.

Good character in the work place, in your own business, and in the home are not something we just automatically have; we must work on having good character. We all make mistakes we wished we’d never made; things we did that we pray no one will ever find out about. Those very things keep us from wanting to continue on the path to follow our dreams.  The bad character somehow weighs out the good we’ve done, even if it’s been years since you’ve made ‘that’ mistake, it seems to have a hold on us. Even more reason to try to cling to what is good in character. Good character helps us to stay on the right path, to grow healthy because there is little stress to our health when doing what is right. Good character helps keep your name in a good light instead of everyone bashing you for the ‘mistakes’ you’ve made. It helps those that do know you, understand what you might have been thinking when you make the type of decision and though you’re not perfect, they will come to your defense because they understand your thought process to a small degree. It’s the good character people see in you that makes another want to take a chance on working with you. It’s the good character that puts your business or name in front of others that might need your services, without you even being there. People will spread your name because they believe in you and what you do. THAT is something money can’t buy; that is honorable.

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