“KeyMe” to Make Your House Keys Digital?

This sounds like such an appetizing thought. How many times have you lost a house or car key? Riding Lawnmower? Garage Door? Well, pull up your sleeves, there’s a new software in town.

They call it KeyMe and it’s actually a great idea with a few of my questions in mind though; I’ll leave those for later (that’s were you comment)

It looks like you can take your key, get something a little more complicated than a pic from your phone (for security reasons) and send the email, sms to your neighborhood key maker guys and wha-la! Extra set of keys. On YOUR time. No extra thought about it.

1) Picture (extra safety stuff)
2) Key Maker sends it to you

Next, He can send it to a post office box (or your home, but not such a safe idea) and next time you’re in town you can have an extra copy on hand for all the keys in your life….

Ever had one of those these kind of nights?

“Ocifffer, haven’t I been drinking! No, I have…. What was I saying?”
Scenario: It wasn’t a blunt, (it was a cigarette) and you threw your keys because they were in the same hand when you saw the officer… Probably not, but I’m thinking….

Moral of story: You have no keys…. none.

That’s only one example I can see people needing an extra set of keys but I think you see the point.

Whether you’re a mom (and kids do hide things)… you can’t find the keys right before a big job interview.
Or a dad who went fishing and tipped the boat with the key ring in the bottom of the lake.

We ALL need an extra set of keys.

However, here’s another thought. When you’ve been submersed in a culture, you usually learn the language a little more quickly than if you study from a book. Just my thinking…

I grew up a kid that was taught right from wrong (yea, I know there are no absolutes, but tell that to people who do whatever it takes to make extra money: from criminals to politicians to international terrorists)

So yea, back to right from wrong…

Well, you could say I’ve seen both sides Good and Bad.

So, I’m wondering if there are any thoughts or opinions you all might have to help this guy keep this awesome product out of the hands of those that would misuse the technology. He’s incredibly talented and I’d like to see a good product be helpful to those of us who need an extra set of keys (in this case)

Moral of story:

Good Product needs to keep us all safe.

Here’s where you come in: Comment below

1) Problem / Solution
2) Website with ideas (only 1-2)
3) Your website if you’d like to add it (no spam/products)

Read this article first, then come back and reply.

Good Product needs to keep us all safe. How can you help this software developer?

…thinking about keys and how to stay safe.


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