way back when….

What Started this Ball Rolling

Several years ago I heard of a young Christian
woman with 5 children whose husband had abandoned them. Having been married right out of High School, she had no employment experience. Going to the church she had attended for years she asked for help, and was given a few months financial help and then was on her own.

Some muslims in her community heard about her and went in to help. The women offered to babysit and help keep house at no charge, meals were put on the table and things were kept in order while she was looking for a job. The men put their finances together to help her until she found a good paying job. She had nothing to offer them, yet they extended a desperately needed hand. Of course, the outcome was her joining the Muslim faith .
We began to see a need that was NOT being fulfilled here in our own community.
At approximately the same time, we too had a desperate financial need due to excessive hospital bills, and little pay. The only real help available was government assistance that rewarded the family that chose NOT to work, there was no help available for this single income family; A husband that wanted to work, a wife that wanted to raise good children with strong morals and good character. It seemed we were being penalized for trying to be a FAMILY. Wanting  to be good citizens as well as holding a steady job seemed to be other obstacles. Again, we realized there was a need in our community that was NOT being met. We took what was a very bad situation and started trying to find a solution.
We realized that one family CAN make a difference and we started doing what we thought would help others.

NOTE: This page was from one of the original A Christian Connection. com pages from the original site.

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