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Here’s an effective way to connect with us and our online friends and leaders!

Our audiences span over many websites, blogs, newsletters, email, radio show, groups and special reports.  This is your centerpoint for all your advertising and social media today.

Look over this graphic for the size ad you’d like to use, then scroll down to fill out the information.



Official PayPal Seal   If you don’t already have PayPal, go ahead and sign up for that now by clicking on the seal on the left.

Your Ad will be placed on targeted (sites, newsletters, blogs, email, ebooks, radio show, and groups) for better audience view.



Right now for a limited time we will take your add and multiply it.

 Instead of 1 page, we will add your site to 10 pages, unless you choose the 50 site option. So, for a limited time, you can choose an ad for $10, $30 etc. and your cost will be cut! $30 ad will be paying $3.00 per page! That’s UNHEARD of! Your $50.00 add will be like paying $5.00 per ad and so on.

If you choose the “10 site option”, your link will go on AT LEAST 10 sites, (as stated above) There is also an option for 50 sites per month: newsletters, blogs, email, ebooks, mentioned in radio talk show, and groups.

Once your ad is placed, we’ll send you the links to view your online ads.

Advertise on 1-10 Sites
Text Link One Page : $10.00 USD – monthly
Small 125X125 : $30.00 USD – monthly
Small 108×150 : $30.00 USD – monthly
Med. 125×250 : $50.00 USD – monthly
Large 250×250 : $75.00 USD – monthly
Text Link 50 sites: $500.00 USD – monthly
Small 50 sites sm. 125×125 : $1,500.00 USD – monthly
Small 50 sites sm.108×150 : $1,500.00 USD – monthly
Med. 50 sites med. 125×250 : $2,500.00 USD – monthly
Large 50 sites lg. 250×250 : $3,750.00 USD – monthly


Pay for your ads via credit card, Pay Pal or other online process, check or money order. We also barter if you have a product or service you think might fit as a match for our company. Fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. If you’ve already signed up for PayPal, and would prefer to purchase, then you can go ahead and order below, or if you’re not comfortable putting your personal information online, let us know that too and we’ll call you for a more personal touch.  Leave a message:  812 985 7342

Ads are targeted for Niche of your choosing and can be added to one or up to 50+ sites.

If you’re not sure about an online business, where to start, social media, etc., check out some of the other services I offer.

* 1 HR. PRIVATE SESSION for 1 Student Social Media Stealth Mode!
* Find and Critique your site statistics to find your business best results and bottom line
* Build a New Online Brand
* SEO Intervention!
* Build a Product Line

Covered in Intro Class, broken into individual sessions
1 Social Networking PRIVATE SESSION 1 Student (8 hr session) $200.00 USD
2 FIND your site rankings (critique) for best results $200.00 USD
3 Build new online brand $200.00 USD
4 SEO Intervention! $200.00 USD
5 Build Product Line $200.00 USD

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