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The very first thing you need to do is let me know what I can help you with online, scroll down to the comment section and add your questions there. If you’re a business and ready to get started,  get a .com name here:

RitaAnn~ Domains This is my resellers license through GoDaddy  (when you go to this link, add it to your bookmarks so you can come back later if you need a website, email or anything you need for a site.

If you’ve had a business in mind, but haven’t taken the first step, do that now, go register your .com name now on RitaAnn~ Domains  it’s the same system GoDaddy uses, just my own reseller name. All the same great stuff by them, on our domain site.

Then go here, this is my referral link please use it to click through. This is called MindMeister; it’s a brainmapping software that helps you map out what you’re thinking. For instance, let’s say you’re selling men’s fashion. You’ll want to map out which items you’ll sell. You could have Men’s Fashion as your main point, then belts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, business shirts, business shoes, etc. You get the idea, and when you can see what you’re thinking on a mindmap, your process is easier to implement. Here’s an example I did on my shopping list is an awesome free product and there are many options to choose how you want to set up your site. I’ve been trying to use different platforms to get a feel for something easy to work with and share with the once young people in my life; some with disabilities which pushes me to keep finding the best solutions for them and others.

WordPress definitely has it’s advantages. The greatest thing about it’s user friendly website building tools, is how I don’t stress as much as I used to, at least for the most part, I break things a lot. My confidence soars knowing there are many people that can help you along the way, your sure steady people are the professionals though, so be sure to tap into those who know the website in and outs. I try to fix things myself as much as possible, though it slows me down, it still gives me the sense of knowing it’s like my little piece of artwork online. I love that. WordPress helps me with that. If you’d like to learn more about building your own website on wordpress,

Registered for the site?  Here’s an invitation to add YOUR Creative flow: Daily Doses

Then click here to see my personal thank you note. My Thank You to Those Who Encourage and Inspire


In the form below, let me know who you are and what online problems you’re facing. If I can help with anything, I’ll let you know. Don’t waste your time online signing up for newsletters, free software etc., I’ll direct you to the leaders in the industry who will help guide you with your online experience.

NOTE:  The comment section and the form is only for our eyes. It will not be public. Add your information to either and someone from our team will respond. Together we’ll try to make your journey just a bit easier.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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