Rappers with Morals. Who knew?

I have been blessed with an unusual opportunity that I believe ONLY the Creator could have accomplished.


My offline job?

Kids. UPDATE: 2017 ALL Kids are young adults. Missing them is hard.

Yes, kids, but now they are all grown into young men and women.
Any child or young adult on the streets that knows me understands that I hate the lyrics of today’s rap music. I never hold my tongue when it comes to the downfall of youth.

If you have teens, rap is all the rage. THIS IS NONSENSE! Sit and watch late night BET with your kids. If you watch porn together as a family, you won’t have a problem watching this garbage. If you have any morals or would like your children to have any, it’s not something I recommend at ALL.
Drugs, Violence, Sex, Cheating on spouse, ….blah, blah, blah, it’s all the same with NO sanity in sight.

Get THIS music in your home so your kids will be able to share the gospel in a way you never dreamed possible. It will give them courage, strength and power!

UPDATE, though this first link isn’t hiphop or rap, it something your family might be interested in: Here’s what we ALL really need in our proverbial “sound holes”

Some rap artists that I believe YOUR children need to be listening to:

Email newsletters for bands at ReverbNation.com

This one is good too.

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