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Just my opinion:

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know how much I hate to cook. You also wouldn’t know that I’m a bit picky when it comes to eating. So for that reason, and the fact that I do like to share my thoughts all too often, I’m letting you in on a little secret about myself….keep reading.

Every since I can remember, I’ve always had problems with sausage and pepperoni affecting my stomach in a most uncomfortable way. I love the taste of both and never had any idea that the terrible burning for hours, and at times days, came from those two little things. Enduring burning stomach pain and rocking back and forth on a pillow became the theme song of my life until I figured out the pattern in my 20’s.  I became so picky about my eating, because not only had these two common food items made me miserable, I found other foods causing similar or even other problems to this sensitive stomach I was stuck with.

Like I said before, I hate cooking so finding foods that didn’t upset my stomach was a bit difficult because I ate was what put before me. Thankfully, marrying my life-long friend has proven again that there is surely a good and gracious Creator.   🙂    A Creator that knew that I would need help with my life and cooking skills, so he sent me my guy Tony.  Wonderful Cook, Friend, Great Dad, Husband and Exclusive Hug Giver.

For this reason I decided to add “RitaAnn’s Reviews”, not that my opinion means much, but it does help others to hear what I think might be a nice place to eat at a reasonable price.

I’ve also added software reviews, platforms and apps you might be interested in trying, and other thoughts about products and services.

At some point I’ll add products with affiliate links in order to help cover the costs of maintaining an online presence, but at this point there are none. I do promise to add products and services that I’ve tried and approve of,  my referral commission will be on quality products and not something I’m unfamiliar with.

Let me know what you think, add your own restaurant, product, software or app reviews. Suggest something you think I might be missing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts,


…who can’t wait to see what you think.  🙂

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