Olive Garden, Evansville, IN

Olive Garden
Loved it and love it each time I go.

It’s not often I find a bad waiter or food at Olive Garden in Evansville, IN’s East side of town.

If you’re in the area like Northern KY, Owensboro, Henderson or even South East, IL come on over to Evansville, IN, head over to Eastland Mall and stop in for some delicious food and great atmosphere at the Olive Garden.

Awww. Olive Garden. One of my all time favorite places to go. I don’t get to visit often due to all my money going to bills and LOTS of kids, but when I do get to go…… The Olive Garden here in Evansville, Indiana is almost always standing room only. It seems to be so anyway, because I suppose I go when all of Evansville is there. So, we go in, sign the waiting list and wait…..and then we wait some more…..and then after 20-30 min. our little round vibrating, buzzer with red lights let’s us know it’s time to be seated. Then we wait some more. 🙂

Anticipation makes the food better I suppose.

The atmosphere, a quiet buzzing of people, is actually quite relaxing. With almost every table occupied we follow the host to the table and……we wait some more. lol Our waiter arrives with wine in hand and offers a sampling. This sample is a sweet white wine and though I’m not a drinker, I wanted to give this wine my time after sampling it. He pours a glass of sparkling sweet white wine called Mascato and the wine makes a wonderful compliment to the bread sticks and salad. I love the way they toss the salad right at the table and of course I have to have the extra cheese grated in the salad. Looking at the menu is always a mental breakdown for me. There’s so much to choose from. It’s almost as though I were a kid in the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory……I want everything! Choosing the Seafood Alfredo and stuffed mushrooms I wait for the meal to arrive. I fill myself (all 104 lbs.) of salad and bread sticks until the meal arrives. Steamy, cheesy white sauce with crab and shrimp, covering a mound of noodles makes me almost wish I hadn’t eaten so much salad and breadsticks. My little belly is poked out and full. However, for Seafood Alfredo I loosen my britches, take a deep breath and begin to shovel. OMG! mouthwatering! The mushrooms are filled with cheese and a breading, look to be oven fried, and I don’t think there’s anyplace in the world that makes stuffed mushrooms this yummy-fied. The Mascato white wine makes a beautiful compliment to the Alfredo and mushrooms and although there’s NO possible way for me to eat everything…..I try! By the end of the meal, I’m miserable and I tell myself “ugh, I’m never eating this much again, I’m miserable”. Then I remember my last visit to Olive Garden and realize I felt the same way then, and the time before that. It’s funny that I would be so miserable and so content at the same time. Olive Garden…..be miserable and enjoy it! should be the slogan. lol So yea, I love Olive Garden, I love the wait (it makes the food better), the staff, atmosphere, and food are the best.

Thanks Evansville Olive Garden for making me miserably content. 🙂 Keep up the great work.

…who is daydreaming of fresh out of the oven, garlic butter bread sticks dipped in Alfredo Sauce only the way Olive Garden can make it. Sigh……

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