RitaAnn~ and Clickdesk.com

2015-08-10 13.26.54

You know, when you find a good waitress, you want to keep going back just because she’s good. Right?
Well we can tip the waitress, though she still doesn’t make enough to meet ends. What about the hotel personal? Thankless job. Basically, my point being that there are becoming fewer and fewer good employees all the time, so when I see an opportunity to pat someone on the back, though I’m awkward in many ways I go ahead and cheer them on.

Here’s that opportunity:

Clickdesk .com

Dear Clickdesk, I LOVE YOU! Ok, I’ll calm down now, but I want to let you know I’m on the ‘love train’ with your website chat, video, social media popup. This is incredible.
Your staff has helped each time I got stumped. That’s probably not a big deal except that I didn’t have to look up the phone number, I didn’t have to wait for an agent, I was able to tackle each hurdle
quickly and efficiently. This morning I spoke with an agent named Ellaine, she was right there to answer my questions and in record time I got the answers I needed.
Big shout out to Ellaine from RitaAnn~ !! Every time I have had questions your staff has been wonderful.
Ellaine: 🙂 thank you very much for that Rita. You’re awesome as well

You: The plugin is easy to install, set up and use, even for me! lol The results are a happy client, happy clients make me happy and we all enjoy internet heaven.
You: Thanks again for this great online tool.

RitaAnn~ .
..doing the happy dance on the Love Train. https://gohometoday.wordpress.com

RitaAnn~: ….there needs to be more chat area. not enough for copy and paste of anything.
Ellaine: Yep I understand.. we have requested it already as many customers are requesting for it
You: awesome? me? Now I have the “big head”.

..now basking in my awesomeness. :C

Ellaine: haha yes you are awesome.. you understand the situation and did not get mad that you can’t hide the chat box on mobile

RitaAnn~: lol I’ve been online since the 80’s. Things change so quickly that now I ‘roll with it’
RitaAnn~: ok thanks for everything girl. I have a zillion kids to pick up so I have to run. Hugs!!
Ellaine: Sure Rita.. the message is so nice.. you can send it now
Ellaine: Be careful and have a great day!
Ellaine: Goodbye Rita!

As I read back over the conversation I was reminded of how good it felt to have good employee treat a customer right.

Hmmm, maybe the white rhino isn’t the only thing that’s becoming extinct.

Thanks again clickdesk.com for hiring Ellaine, I made a new friend.

And after all, isn’t that what social media and marketing is all about?

…who better get back to work.

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